The Wake Forest Journal of Law & Policy is an interdisciplinary publication that explores the intersection of timely legal issues with public and social policy. By examining topics of great importance, such as energy, economics, healthcare, and social justice, the Journal seeks to introduce and advance discourse consistent with Wake Forest’s motto of “Pro Humanitate.”

Because the Journal of Law and Policy is entirely student-run, staff membership standards are rigorous. Membership is offered to students with strong academic credentials and exemplary performance in the annual write-on competition. Members of the Journal will gain valuable editing, writing, and research experience while working with fellow students toward the publication of a journal that fosters legal discussion. Membership on Wake Forest’s youngest journal provides a unique opportunity to shape the direction and content of the Journal. The Journal of Law and Policy publishes three issues annually, one of which is dedicated to our symposium. Rooted in the fundamentals of professionalism, the Journal seeks content that, among other goals, addresses various societal needs through legal doctrine and systems. While the Journal primarily publishes legal analyses, we welcome other scholarly works and social commentary that contribute to a diverse and dynamic intellectual dialogue.