Current Issue

Volume 9:1


 Front Matter  Read PDF  9 Wake Forest J.L. & Pol’y
 Quarantining the Law of Quarantine: Why Quarantine Law Does Not Reflect Contemporary Constitutional Law
 By Wendy E. Parmet  Read PDF  9 Wake Forest J.L. & Pol’y 1
 Having Your Cake and Eating It Too? Religious Freedom and LGBTQ Rights
 By Stephen M. Feldman  Read PDF  9 Wake Forest J.L. & Pol’y 35
 Should We Deter Against General Deterrence?
 By Athula Pathinayake  Read PDF  9 Wake Forest J.L. & Pol’y 63


The Legal Standard for Determining Employee Disloyalty Under Section 7 of the NLRA
 By Nicholas Bemberg  Read PDF  9 Wake Forest J.L. & Pol’y  117
 Convenience Gambling as a Public Nuisance: An Ancient Tort Solution to a Modern Problem
 By John McCool  Read PDF  9 Wake Forest J.L. & Pol’y 135