Congratulations to the New Volume 7 Staff!

The Wake Forest Journal of Law & Policy  is proud to welcome the following new staff members for the 2016-2017 school year:

Cory Alonso

Rachel Bouchard Chaimowiz

Emily Brooke Boutwell

Mary Grace Carey

Staci Coble

C.J. Compher

Stephanie A. Criscione

Kristin N. Delbridge

Hillary Frame

Julia V. Gallagher

Vanessa Garrido

Shomik L. Gibson

Andrew E. Hayhurst

Teresa J. Herrán

Ryan T. Holt

Caroline Maass

Hannah C. Maroney

John McCool

Yawara Ng

Samantha Poon

Emily E. Scotton

Alexander R. Teixeira

Dylan R. Tucker